Admin Server\Jump Server

One of the things that makes life much, much easier on a team of Exchange admins is having a shared server that everyone can connect to and manage the Exchange environment. Every time I work in a new environment and see that they don’t have one setup I recommend it early in the process, and use the following points to help sell the idea:

  1. The Exchange tools only need to be installed once for all the admins to use.
  2. You can more easily control which version of the Exchange tools are used
  3. The Admin server can act as a repository for your Exchange ISOs, rollups, cumulative updates, admin tools, etc.
  4. Tasks that need to run on a reoccurring basis, such as CAS log cleanup scripts, can be setup and centrally managed on the Admin server
  5. All scripts used by the team can be consolidated, and documentation can be created to ensure the right script is used for the right purpose
  6. You can use an Admin server as your DAG File Share Witness (FSW)
  7. Working from an Admin server means you can keep people off the actual Exchange servers
  8. You can give the helpdesk access to the server and build your training and documentation around the single access point (and keep them off the Exchange servers)


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