Exchange 2010 Deleted Mailbox Not Showing in Disconnected Mailbox View (Clean-MailboxDatabase)

Earlier today I ran into an issue where an Exchange 2010 deleted mailbox wasn’t showing in the Disconnected Mailbox view of the EMC as expected.

No disconnected mailbox in this screenshot...
Exchange 2010 EMC, where’s my missing mailbox?

Knowing that sometimes the EMC doesn’t quite reflect current reality, I decided to run the following in the EMS to see what I could find:

Get-MailboxDatabase | get-mailboxstatistics | where {$_.disconnectreason -ne $null} | ft database,displayname,disc*

The results of the above PowerShell command were basically the same – a mailbox I had just disabled was nowhere to be found! After a few more minutes in the EMS, I was able to identify that the mailbox did still exist within the database (whew!), it just hadn’t fully be flagged as disconnected. Knowing that things like this usually occur because a maintenance task hadn’t been completed, I hit the trusty Google machine and found Peter Schmidt’s post on this exact issue. Running Clean-MailboxDatabase against the relevant DB made my “missing” mailbox appear as disconnected and within two minutes we were back up in running.

Or so we thought. Emails sent to the recently-attached mailbox were promptly responded to with NDRs, the content of such read something like this:

#554-5.2.1 mailbox disabled 554 5.2.1 STOREDRV.Deliver.Exception:AccountDisabledException.MapiExceptionMailboxDisabled; Failed to process message due to a permanent exception with message Cannot open mailbox

Fortunately the fix for this issue was to re-run Clean-MailboxDatabase again to freshen things up.

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