Here are some Exchange links and links to various manufacturers, products, tools, and scripts that I’ve found useful throughout the years. Enjoy!


  • Microsoft – Got to start here!
  • Trend Micro – Solid AV products for Exchange
  • Proofpoint – Excellent security gateway solutions
  • VMware – The leader in virtualization
  • F5 – Industry leader for load balancers
  • Citrix – They’re more than just servers you have to restart every week!


  • MXToolBox – Really a must-have for any Exchange admin
  • DNSStuff – All the DNS tools you could ever ask for
  • Global DNS Checker – Made a change to an external DNS record? Then you should check its proliferation here
  • Check your Certificates – DigiCert has online tool for checking your externally available certificates, but they also have a downloadable one for validating certificates that aren’t in use
  • IPChicken – Helps you identify what IP you’re presenting to the outside world

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